I am writing again. To get back into the swing of things I have decided to start with the trip I took to Central America a few years ago. I am working on transcribing all of my emails, journal entries, and random notes. I hope the end product flows more like a story and less like a jumbled collaboration of separate thoughts and experiences.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography with a concentration in coastal studies. My enjoy traveling, writing, the environment, well-being, music and dancing, and life’s simple pleasures.


10 thoughts on “Me

    • I look forward to sharing with you! Its only been a week and it’s already been so enjoyable.
      Thank you for your kind words,
      – K

    • Wow, I am so touched! Thank you for thinking of me 😀 I will fulfil my nominee requirements this weekend. Happy Friday!

      • You’re very welcome. I love reading your posts and look forward to read more from you. All the best!

    • Thank you! I love your blog, I cant wait to try out some crafty ideas this summer. I love everything to do with the beach! I live in an area where a lot of material from the Tsunami in Japan is going to wash up in the next few years. I’m excited to go treasure hunting.

  1. Hi Kendra – I love your header photo too! Anything to do with the beach…:-) Thank you for following my blog, hope you find it useful and interesting!

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